MP for Sheffield Central

Sheffield is my home, and throughout my life it’s given me a lot.

Education, community, and politics have changed my life, and allowed me to work with others to change our city. I’ve had to work hard, and I believe no one should be held back by a lack of opportunities. 

I’m a community leader, a senior councillor and a lawyer. All my life I’ve worked with people to achieve change for our communities. Now I want to take our fight to Westminster. I’m ready to serve as your Labour MP.

I know from all of my experience that change only happens when we stand together. As your MP, I will work to bring people together, every single day. That’s how we will deliver real change for our communities, our city and our country.

My Story

My Story

Abi and Dad

A Labour Government gave me opportunity

I’m the daughter of a Yemeni steelworker. Growing up here during the 1980s and 90s I experienced the pain and poverty caused by the Tories.

I left school with 4 GCSEs, but through hard work and access to education made possible by a Labour Government.

I qualified as a teacher and then as a lawyer, while working full-time in community development.

Firvale pre-school

Now I'm giving back

Everything I’ve ever done has been to give back. I’ve never sought the limelight. I’ve just focused on getting things done.

Too often people are held back through no fault of their own - like the children I’ve worked with who have a lower life expectancy because of where they’re born, or the people without enough money for legal representation who I’ve supported for no charge.

I have 20 years experience of working in, with and for communities. I’ve put in place services for all ages. I’ve set up a nursery and run community health and skills programmes.

In 2014 I founded my own law practice to provide legal advice and representation to vulnerable people in our city.


I've got experience, and I'm ready to serve

As the senior councillor responsible for Education when Covid-19 hit, I ensured children were safe, and teachers could educate them from home. I made it my mission to reduce school exclusions. I fought education cuts standing alongside trade unions, community groups and families.

I not only supported the Black Lives Matter movement, I set up a Race Equality Commission to tackle structural inequalities in our city.

As a lawyer, community leader and senior councillor I know how to bring about change. Now I’m ready to take our fight to the top.

My Priorities

My Priorities

Abtisam's success in law and politics after rocky start
Save our nurseries
Abi Bole Hill photo
A voice for our communities

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