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    Join my campaign to be Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central

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      Sheffield is my home, and throughout my life it’s given me a lot.

      Education, community, and politics have changed my life, and allowed me to work with others to change our city. I’ve had to work hard, and I believe no one should be held back by a lack of opportunities. 

      I’m a community leader, a senior councillor and a lawyer. All my life I’ve worked with people to achieve change for our communities. Now I want to take our fight to Westminster. I’m ready to serve as your Labour MP.

      Watch my video to get to know me and why I’m standing to represent our community.

      I am putting myself forward to be Labour's Parliamentary Candidate - but this is not about me

      I know from all of my experience that change only happens when we stand together. As your MP, I will work to bring people together, every single day. That’s how we will deliver real change for our communities, our city and our country.

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      My Story

      My Story

      Abi and Dad

      A Labour Government gave me opportunity

      I’m the daughter of a Yemeni steelworker. Growing up here during the 1980s and 90s I experienced the pain and poverty caused by the Tories.

      I left school with 4 GCSEs, but through hard work and access to education made possible by a Labour Government.

      I qualified as a teacher and then as a lawyer, while working full-time in community development.

      Firvale pre-school

      Now I'm giving back

      Everything I’ve ever done has been to give back. I’ve never sought the limelight. I’ve just focused on getting things done.

      Too often people are held back through no fault of their own - like the children I’ve worked with who have a lower life expectancy because of where they’re born, or the people without enough money for legal representation who I’ve supported for no charge.

      I have 20 years experience of working in, with and for communities. I’ve put in place services for all ages. I’ve set up a nursery and run community health and skills programmes.

      In 2014 I founded my own law practice to provide legal advice and representation to vulnerable people in our city.


      I've got experience, and I'm ready to serve

      As the senior councillor responsible for Education when Covid-19 hit, I ensured children were safe, and teachers could educate them from home. I made it my mission to reduce school exclusions. I fought education cuts standing alongside trade unions, community groups and families.

      I not only supported the Black Lives Matter movement, I set up a Race Equality Commission to tackle structural inequalities in our city.

      As a lawyer, community leader and senior councillor I know how to bring about change. Now I’m ready to take our fight to the top.

      My Priorities

      My Priorities

      Abtisam's success in law and politics after rocky start
      Save our nurseries
      Abi Bole Hill photo
      A voice for our communities



      Paul Blomfield MP

      MP for Sheffield Central

      It’s 14 years since local members put trust in me as our candidate and together we’ve built Sheffield Central from a marginal to the largest Labour majority in Yorkshire. I know what it takes to do this job and that’s why I’m backing Abtisam. I’ve always been impressed with the way she brings people together, working hard to win change for those most in need.

      I’ve worked with Abtisam on many campaigns, from fighting for better childcare to demanding a Fair Deal for Sheffield on the steps of Downing Street. I’ve known her a long time, and I know the drive and passion she’ll bring as our next MP.

      David Blunkett photo

      David Blunkett

      Abtisam is exactly the kind of person we need in Parliament. I recall how she bravely intervened to save a trafficked Afghan woman who was about to be moved on. I’ve seen her impressive work to improve educational chances for working class boys, She has been a phenomenal elected representative, giving a voice to the powerless and making things happen from the grass roots up and not from the top down. She’s just the sort of person needed to continue the excellent work of Paul Blomfield.

      Saeed Brasab

      Founder of Unity Gym Project - Local resident, Broomhall

      Cynthia Brooks

      Adult education teacher

      Dawn Dale and Abi

      Cllr Dawn Dale

      Councillor for Shiregreen and Brightside - Vice Chair, Manor Castle Branch

      I’ve known Abtisam for many years while working in the voluntary sector. Since going into politics she has stayed connected to her community and true to her principles. She is an advocate for working class communities. She has worked to improve access to health services and was the lead member on the Race Equality Commission. As our MP, Abtisam will ensure that the most disadvantaged are represented and she will use her knowledge and experience to influence policy nationally.

      Charlie Simmons photo

      Charlie Simmons

      Walkley branch member

      I'm an ex-miner and ex-steel worker. Abtisam is from a steelworking family. It would be refreshing to have an MP who comes from a working class background. She's a Sheffield lass through and through. A hard worker who puts her all into whatever she does.

      Laura McClean photo

      Laura McClean

      Walkley Branch member

      Abtisam will be an outstanding candidate for Sheffield Central because she has the drive and experience to be a strong voice for our city in Westminster. As both a campaigner and then a councillor, she has a long history of fighting injustice and working to improve the lives of people in Sheffield. She is a person of integrity who works hard for those she represents.

      Abdul Abdulrub and Abi

      Abdul Abdulrub

      Trustee of Zest, Former Chair of the Yemeni Community Association, Local Businessman and Walkley member

      I have worked with Abtisam for over 20 years. She understands the challenges that our different communities face and she has always been 100% committed to improving people’s lives. She is extremely talented and hard working. Her expertise and skills mean she will be an excellent MP for Sheffield Central. I am proud to endorse her.

      Julie Pearn photo with Abi

      Julie Pearn

      Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward

      I am proud to say I was Abtisam’s English teacher at Earl Marshal School. What a powerhouse this daughter of a Yemeni steelworker turned out to be! She has dedicated her ability and determination to the service of Sheffield people in her work and politics. She has the courage to take a stand for truth and justice.

      Mike Lewis photo 1

      Mike Lewis

      Secretary, Sheffield Central CLP, 2013-2020 - Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Branch

      Abtisam has the qualities needed to succeed Paul Blomfield as an excellent MP for Sheffield Central.

      She has integrity, courage and compassion.  She has a proven appetite for hard work, a record of dedicated public service and the ability to listen, unite and lead. I am delighted to endorse Abtisam's candidacy.

      Fran Belbin photo

      Fran Belbin

      Secretary of the Labour Group and Councillor for Firth Park Ward

      Sheffield Central won't find a better candidate than Abtisam - she’s dedicated, driven and integrity runs through her like a stick of rock. She's an inspirational colleague who consistently brings people together and keeps communities at the heart of making decisions. Whether it's taking on individual cases or challenging inequalities, she won't let you down and she will make a great MP.

      Tom Hunt

      Councillor for Walkley Ward

      Abtisam is the real deal. Some people talk the talk, Abtisam walks the walk. For 20 years she’s been on the ground in communities across Sheffield Central working to bring people together, to inspire people and to bring about the changes that we need. She’s from Sheffield, she gets Sheffield and she’s exactly who we need in Parliament to represent us after Paul Blomfield.

      Uri Rennie (1)

      Uriah Rennie

      Former Premier League Referee - Community Development Legend

      I’ve worked with Abtisam for 20 years and always found her to be extremely honest, committed and a wonderful community worker. When you go out and ask others about Abtisam, everyone will say she has integrity, she understands what needs to be done, she delivers, and she’s got empathy. She will be a wonderful MP.

      Bren Twomey 1

      Bren Twomey

      Walkley Branch Member

      When I first met Abtisam I was struck by her warmth and friendliness. She has a fantastic
      ability to connect with people and a real desire to help. Coupled with Abtisam’s impressive commitment to community activism, I know she will make a brilliant, compassionate and effective MP.


      Jean Cromar

      Nether Edge and Sharrow Branch

      As a former Councillor for Sharrow I am pleased to support Abtisam. She will be an excellent MP for  Sheffield Central. Her strong background as a Councillor demonstrating leadership on education during the pandemic and working with diverse local groups means she is well placed to build on Paul Blomfield’s Big Conversation initiative.

      Andy Buck photo

      Andy Buck

      Nether Edge and Sharrow Branch

      Abtisam is a redoubtable community leader and activist. She’s deeply committed to social justice. She’s been a great city councillor, willing to take responsibility for difficult issues. Abtisam will be an excellent MP and worthy successor to Paul Blomfield. Let’s all get behind her as we look forwards to winning the next general election and a Labour government.

      Former Labour councillors (1)

      Basheer Khan, Qurban Hussain and Mohammed Nazir

      Former Labour Councillors - Members of Nether Edge and Sharrow branch

      We’re pleased to be supporting Abtisam as the next MP for Sheffield Central.


      Cllr Safiya Saeed-Berberawi

      Councillor for Burngreave Ward - Founder, Reach Up Youth Charity

      I’ve seen Abtisam first hand helping young people get access to resources. She listens and she addresses the issues they face. She never promises what she can’t deliver. She puts the voice of local people first and I know she will use that voice to fight for us Parliament. Abtisam is a strong role model and she has all the right qualities to be an MP. I’m extremely proud to endorse her.

      Matt Dean photo (1)

      Matt Dean

      Chief Executive of Zest

      I’ve worked alongside Abtisam for over 10 years pushing for a fair deal for our communities. Abtisam is locally rooted and always champions the voices of those less heard. In developing the local youth partnership, among many other initiatives, Abtisam has demonstrated her collaborative and can-do approach. As an MP, Abtisam would be a valuable, progressive voice for our inner city communities.

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